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5858 E Molloy Rd #112, Syracuse, NY 13211, USA

(315) 454-0357


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I have recommended them to a number of people.

We've been working with Paul and his crew at ATS Design group for years. They are great to work with and really understand the hair restoration industry like nobody else we've ever encountered. They just finished creating for us a fantastic mobile friendly website that I'm really happy with. They updated everything with a new, modern customer-friendly design, new pictures and videos. Our new website is something we can be proud of to showcase to our clients and patients not only what we can do to help them with their hair loss but also the blog feature we are starting to use to keep clients and prospective clients up to date on the latest hair restoration technologies and advances. They've also been very instrumental in helping us get our story out with their SEO and pay-per-click services.

Amazing group of people. They have helped us countless times over the years with our marketing needs whether traditional print and broadcast, as well as online. Especially helpful with leveraging social media, which we didn't have a clue about how to use. Ron, Phelps Sungas, Geneva NY

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ATS Design Group

5858 E Molloy Rd #112, Syracuse, NY 13211, USA
(315) 454-0357